Met de overname van de firma Perfomatic PHS n.v. in 2006 is Best-Matic nog steeds de eerste officiële IDEAL Krug & Priester verdeler binnen België en Luxemburg. Door deze jarenlange nauwe samenwerking kan onze firma garant staan voor zeer professioneel commercieel en technisch advies en/ofondersteuning. Voor al uw Ideal machines kan u kan bij ons terecht voor: prijsopgaven, bestekken, technische ondersteuning, onderhoud en herstel, wisselstukken, verbruiksartikelen en het slijpen van uw messen, ook werd de machine niet bij ons aangekocht. Contacteer ons voor meer informatie!

Company profile IDEAL Krug & Priester GmbH & Co. KG

IDEAL Krug & Priester is, worldwide, one of the leading manufacturers of both shredders, and of cutting machines that cover the small format printing range. The company was founded in 1951 and is based in Balingen, Germany. IDEAL products are well known for their exceptional quality levels, legendary reliability, long service life, convincing ease of operation and their high safety standard. IDEAL Krug & Priester is one of the oldest manufacturers of shredders and cutting machines, setting the standards in this industry successfully for more than 60 years. Under “IDEAL Health" the product portfolio has recently been expanded by various models of air purifiers and air washers. These new products present the perfect solution for improving indoor air. IDEAL Krug & Priester is an export-oriented company with its own branches in France, USA and Canada. The IDEAL products are exported to over 150 countries and the production facilities are outstanding for their high in-house production depth combined with environmentally-friendly manufacturing technologies.

Product portfolio of IDEAL Krug & Priester GmbH & Co. KG

IDEAL Krug & Priester offers a wide range of document shredders and cutting machines, as well as air purifiers and air washers. The shredder range covers personal, desk-side, office and EDP models but also high-volume shredding machines. IDEAL shredders are available in all security levels according to DIN 66399 standard. The IDEAL range of cutting machines consists of rotary trimmers, manual trimmers as well as electric and hydraulic guillotines. IDEAL cutters are used on the desk, at home, in offices or workshops, in advertising agencies, publishing houses and printing plants. IDEAL offers the perfect cutter for applications of up to 720 mm cutting length and 90 mm cutting height. With different models of air purifiers and air washers, IDEAL provides the very best in indoor air climate. Living and working in a fresh, clean and healthy environment contributes towards the quality of life. IDEAL makes it possible. 




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